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Ramsey, Then & Now – Version 2

Based on an overwhelmingly positive response, the Ramsey, Then & Now historical video has been expanded with five times the original number of images:

Created as a video feature for the Ramsey Historical Association web site, this video presents a collage of locations in Ramsey as they appear today and as they appeared almost a century ago.

Special thanks to Paul and Emily Simpson for finding and taking the photographs, and my sister, Rita Kennedy, for helping to assemble them into a video.

Enjoy, Daniel Kennedy.

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5 Responses to “Ramsey, Then & Now – Version 2”

  1. My Great Grandfather settled in Ramsey in around 1916 and the family continued living there until sometime in the 80’s. Thank you so much for this, it meant more to me than I can express.

  2. Bill Regan says:

    As a young boy, I sold newspapers at the Railroad station–right there, under the sign that says “Ramsey”, papers set up on a table, before school at St Pauls early in the morning. I was in 5th grade in 1964-65, then would catch the school bus at the rr crossing after the last morning train. Moved away that summers end to Chicago area but have never forgotten the wonderful memories, people, and experiences from that great Community. Thanks for it all, and seeing photos of the Railway Station..feel like a piece of me is still there under that Ramsey sign. Remember fondly the old RR station attendant, Jim, who had been there for a long while and then later died that same year. Miss you Ramsey.

  3. John Keil says:

    I grew up in Allendale off of Franklin Turnpike two blocks from the Ramsey town line. Going to town when I was young always meant Ramsey, whether it was grocery shopping at the Grand Union off of Main, a haircut near the Stamp & Coin Store, or shopping for a plastic model at the 5 & 10. Ramsey was the place where it all happened for my family in the late fifties to lat sixties. And of course, who could forget the friendly football rivalry between Ramsey High and Mahwah High. Great little town, lots of good memories.

  4. Virginia Rosario says:

    My great uncle, John Henry Steinbrecher, is pictured on the roof overhang at the firehouse (now Brady’s). He stands on the extreme left. When he was about 14 yrs. old, he was apprenticed to William Slack who had a business in Ramsey at that time, circa 1870’s. When he was old enough, he joined the volunteer fire department which he served with pride. He is buried in Union Cemetery, Ramsry.

  5. nancy rohr says:

    Is the video available for purchase? Or is there a “Ramsey then and Now” type publication?

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